About Us

Abdelilah Fariji

Founder of Mesmerising Morocco

Welcome to Mesmerizing Morocco, your ultimate guide to traveling in this magical country. My name is Abdelilah, and I created this blog to share insider tips and awe-inspiring experiences from my over 20 years living and working in Morocco’s hospitality and tourism industry.

As an experienced hotelier, I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming guests to both high-end chains and intimate riads across Morocco. I know first-hand how to create unforgettable tailored adventures. I’m also a certified tour guide, ready to reveal hidden gems and share my deep knowledge of Moroccan culture, history, and cuisine.

Through Mesmerizing Morocco, I want to paint a vivid picture of this diverse country beyond the surface. You’ll discover inspiring photography, engaging stories, practical travel resources, and my local expertise. My goal is to mesmerize you with the secrets, sights, sounds, and spirit of Morocco.

When I’m not blogging, you can find me hiking the Atlas Mountains, wandering medinas, planning new voyages, or drinking mint tea watching the sunset. I believe travel should nourish the soul. Morocco has enriched my life, and now I’m here to share its magic with you.

Let’s embark on an adventure! Please contact me with any questions or to learn more about custom journeys. I’m thrilled to guide your exploration of this mesmerizing country.